The secret behind natural eyelash growth

For natural eyelash growth, several cosmetic companies have appeared on the market with a lot of very expensive products. This product may ensure the growth of eyelashes, but the cosmetic market is a vat of shark able to tell us anything, so to sell. We must pay attention to the resources that nature gives us for free and without contraindications, especially in the case of our eyes. 

Today we want to share some traditional organic treatments to get the natural eyelash growth.

These alternatives will make your eyelashes grow, getting the touch they need to strengthen and shine, take advice!

Good nutrition

It is logical that a good diet helps us improve in many aspects of our life, directly affects how our body develops. So, give the best to your body; there are several foods that contain vitamins that help strengthen the hair, in this case, the eyelashes. Vitamin B7 affects the metabolism, directly affects the construction of nerve tissue, blood cells and skin and hair care. It is found in whole wheat bread, bananas, almonds and brewer's yeast.

Avoid stress

This is a great enemy, inhibits even sexual desire. Feeling stressed out hurts our health, makes us lose energy and weakens us. It affects the growth of the hair, therefore your lashes can be harmed.

Removes make-up in the evenings

Part of the makeup routine is to remove it at the end of the day so that your pores breathe during your sleep and regenerate the skin. Use an eye makeup remover to focus on this area, do it delicately, do not forget to remove the mascara to your eyelashes!

Use natural oils

There are heaps that have healing properties that protect our body. Using olive oil and rubbing it on the eyelashes and letting it stand for about 15 minutes or overnight helps strengthen them, allowing them to grow larger. Emu oil, green tea or aloe vera are also recommended. Do this after you have removed all the makeup from your face.

Avoid saturating them with makeup

We all love to see us beautiful when leaving the house, but it is good to let the skin of the face rest. Using too much mascara can break your eyelashes, so do it sparingly so you do not fall off.

Remember, your face is the sum of all its qualities, take care to look beautiful!

To have perfect eyelashes it is important to recognize which actions are ideal to keep them healthy and which are not:

  • The eyelashes are very weak and can detach with great ease, so avoid constantly passing your hands through your eyes. Makeup before bed and do not use the eyelash curler every day.
  • When you go to the beach, the sun rays can dry your eyelashes and make them porous, it is best to apply a transparent eyelash mask to protect them.
  • If you notice that when applying the mask of eyelashes the brush does not slide smoothly on them, it is because they need hydration. This can be solved by smearing some extra virgin olive oil with a brush.
  • Unless you go to the beach, avoid using eyelash masks against water. Usually, these products have a very strong formula and when you remove makeup you will lose many eyelashes. If you do not need it, do not use it.
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