Photo retouch software: Top 10 Free Sites

For photo retouch, if you do not have Photoshop on your computer but need to do photo retouching? 

Whether you're an amateur or expert, here is the list of the 10 best free touch-up software.

However free photo editor can't give you accurate image for your professional site. For that, you need to hire a professional expert or Image Masking Service Provider to get the best option.


Picmonkey is an application launched by a start-up that allows you to make photo editing in all that is classic: crop, improve, edit the brightness or contrast of your photo or add filters etc. Picmonkey also makes great editing. Finally, it is one of the only software to be connected directly to your social networks: you can crop your photos to the precise size of the photos of the social networks (if you want a cover photo Facebook or Twitter, it's very convenient). You retouch the photos stored on your computer, but also Facebook, Flickr or your cloud (Dropbox, OneDrive).

2. Pixlr Editor

If you had to choose the best free alternative to Photoshop, it would be Pixlr Editor. Everything looks like Adobe's editing software, except that Pixlr Editor is free and online. For those who know a little Photoshop, you will find all the same tools (the lasso, the magic wand, the pipette ...). The downside is that it is a little less suitable for beginners who have never done Photoshop retouches before, so to get your hands do not hesitate to watch some tutorials.

3. Fotor

Fotor is probably the most popular touch-up software out there. Fotor provides its basic editing in the free version and also offers a fee package ($ 37 / year or $ 8 / month) to enjoy all the tools of the application! But you can already make nice improvements in the free version. Whether on color touch-ups, aspects of a face and the application of filters. You can also make collages, montages, write text on your photo or add stickers. With Fotor Pro, you have access to exclusive content, with all the advanced features, no advertising and many other surprises and more to become the pro of photo editing!

4. Befunky

Befunky also allows you to make classic changes but is particularly interesting for its effects and filters. Indeed, it is one of the software that offers the artist effects: cartoon, pointillism, watercolor. The small flat, the two ubiquitous advertising banners that hinder a little bit when you're in the middle of editing.

5. Editor

Want to edit your photos online without making headaches or complicated software? So  Editor is for you. It is especially THE specialized site for photo montages. More than 600 free online fixtures are available (be careful, not all are in good taste). You will, of course, be able to edit your photos and make some basic retouches on your face like whiten your teeth, refine skin texture etc. Plus: the ability to make e-cards or even caricatures.

6. Polarr

Polarr is the editing application made by bloggers or those who are used to posting a lot of photos on their social networks. Indeed, with Polarr, you can export your photos in one click and work with keyboard shortcuts that make life easier. The software is also available in Chrome extension, which allows you to edit your photos on Chrome.

7. Canva Photo Editor

Canva Photo Editor is a great tool for busy surfers. It's probably the easiest software to use to adjust your photo in one click. What we like the most is a number of filters available! Canva makes us think of an Instagram whose filters would have been a little more sought after. On the other hand, do not wait for more retouching as what other tools mentioned above allow on the faces in particular.

8. Photoshop Express Editor

Photoshop has an online version: Photoshop Express Editor , simplified and much easier to use than its classic software. On this site, you can make all the basic adjustments of the style crop your photo, adjust the gray levels, zoom etc. Some effects are also available. This version of Photoshop is mainly used to show users what is possible to do with Photoshop and to make you want to go further by buying subsequently the Adobe suite.

9. Photophy

Photophy allows you to import images directly from Facebook, Dropbox, Google, Instagram or your computer. In addition to all the classic settings that the software has, Photophy is mainly known for its original typography. Nothing better than this software to write phrases and phrases on your most beautiful shots.

10. SDF Photo Editor

Photo Editor SDK is a free tool with a simple intuitive interface. This tool features over 40 unique software filter effects, different image slices, color adjustments such as contrast, saturation, and brightness as well as two special effects: Radial Blur and Tilt-Shift.



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