How to choose or buy car insurance online?

Buy car insurance online or choosing is the most important decision 


To buy car insurance online you should be obtaining a driving license. Having bought or inherited a vehicle the law requires driving with car insurance even if we do not have one in the property. 

It is a recurring question in the test of the theoretical test of driving of our driving school. We can not rent a vehicle without insurance. In practice, we are ensuring the car, the people who occupy it and other possible victims in case of an accident. 

In the market, there are multiple insurance companies that offer different policies depending on the characteristics of the vehicle, the profile of the driver and the coverage that they want to hire. Renew driver who has just removed the car license must, on the other hand, deal with other clauses relating to his condition.

What determines the premium of a car insurance?

There are a number of variables that determine the annual price to buy car insurance:

Variables according to the vehicle:

  • Vehicle age. The insurance of a used car will be more expensive than the one of a new one.
  • Model of the vehicle. It influences the brand, the model and the series since the insurers study the sensibility in each case.
  • Type of vehicle. Influences if it is a high, medium or low range. The greater the range, the more expensive the repairs and the more expensive the insurance.
  • Extras of the vehicle. Not only do they increase the purchase price of the vehicle, but also its insurance since replacing or repairing them is an added cost.
  • Parking place. If the car has a parking space in a garage will be more protected, compared to another that is always parked on the street.

Variables according to the driver:

  • Age. Younger drivers who just got their driver's license pay more for their car insurance given their inexperience. The older ones have more experience, but may be harmed by their possible loss of reflexes.
  • Age of driving license. On the other hand, the experience as a driver is valued positively.
  • Driving history. According to the infractions committed, the accumulated losses and the points that we have in the driving license we will pay more or less for the insurance.
  • Place of residence. Some cities have higher accident rates, which can influence the car insurance premium of anyone who lives in them.
  • Commercials, for example, are more likely to have an accident.

Variables by coverage:

  • Basic third party insurance. This is compulsory liability insurance. It is the minimum coverage required by law. Covers damage to third parties in case of an accident, in addition to the driver and the vehicle. However, it has limitations as to the amounts covered by the insurer and the context in which the loss occurs. At the beginning of the year came into force the new law for the assessment of damages caused to people in traffic accidents.

Extended third party insurance. It is the basic insurance to third parties with the option of including more coverage such as the breaking of windows or other options that make the insurers available.
Full insurance. It is the complete insurance but also the most expensive.

Full insurance plus franchise. It includes the same coverage as the full risk insurance but the contractor participates in the financing of the expenses up to a certain amount in case of loss. Exceeded that figure is the company that takes over. With this modality, all-risk insurance is cheaper.

What car insurance to choose?

Each insurance company gives a value to each variable. This is the cause of the different price fluctuations between insurers in relation to a premium with the same characteristics. The key is to have clear our needs to be able to contrast various budgets. Online insurance comparators such as Rastreator or Success facilitate this task. 

On the other hand, with several insurers, so that they can send us several car insurance deals to choose the one that best.



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