Ghost mannequin services to increase businesses

Ghost mannequin service in these days is very common and essential technique, especially for the fashion house. This process involves a number of techniques that convert an ordinary image into something flashy and professional. Among the best selling services in Picture Cutting, Photo manipulation services are bringing us a lot of business. Especially fashion house used this technique for their product to increase sale.

Manipulation of images-Elimination of objects -Mast union (Ghost Mannequin)

You no longer have to put yourself in danger as we are here to unload your worries and better use the opportunity to benefit you. The process of manipulating the photo includes elements of grouping together from different sources and creating a perfect end product. It is easy to understand when the combination of images together to obtain the finished product. That clearly expresses the purpose or the actual scenario of such images.

It has been very competitive nowadays to sell products online either through:

  • own online website
  • e-commerce store
  • the giant market like Amazon, eBay
  • Google Shopping
  • Rakuten
  • Poshmark, etc. 

Every single e-commerce site holder tries to exposing their product with the full features of their products. They always try to take well photographed and must edit those picture of their goods. If you are thinking of improving product images to increase sales, you are in the right place at the right time, Tradexcel Graphics Ltd. at this point for you and available to help your ghost mannequin service.

For example, if you send us images of shirts or other clothing (front and back of the neck/neck) on a mannequin or the human body. In which you want to change the background, remove the dummy or objects desired and articulations of the neck part can be done through the manipulation of images that we have called phantom mannequin service. Your image will look like it is worn without keeping the dummy or body part. Many times, images have to be resized and trimmed to fit into their e-commerce websites. As we apply our art in the image, we find something transparent and unique.

More About Image Manipulation or Ghost Mannequin Service

We have exhibited our service menu with all image manipulation services. The list includes: adding multiple effects, changing lighting effects, adding elements, removing smudges, removing unwanted objects from an image, watermarks, etc. For example, you want to skip a model of the image and add the object to the wallpaper or some background; which can be done easily with the help of photo manipulation techniques. 

We have an artistic team with a professional sense of creativity to deliver better results for you. We believe in the manipulation of images and through the application of our art, we change it into something very authentic and pleasing to the eye.

It is sure that this service of image manipulation techniques is different from other techniques. The designer must need creative skills to create a masterpiece of the desired product. We pursue a step-by-step approach with help from the technical expertise. First, we recognize the needs of our client and try to understand their point of view. Then our highly diligent team creates an illustration of the requirements and work as per mandate. Photoshop and Illustrator such type of software can be done any task related to image manipulation.

Need Ghost Mannequin Service

Tradexcel Graphics Ltd. provides different image modification services. Ghost manipulation service is one of them, they provide their service for Glam Industry, E-Trade Industry, magazine catalogs, advertising agencies, etc. We only hire highly professional and experienced people to get associated with our brand in order to ensure a more phenomenal performance.

The goodwill is difficult to create and easy to demolish, so we value the reliability our customers have in Cut Image and make-up determined to take best possible measures to maintain momentum. 



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