Firangi | Movie Trailer Review 2017

Firangi (English: Foreigner) has an awesome movie trailer. It is an upcoming Indian Hindi-language Historical Period Drama film set in the year 1920. It was directed and written by Rajiev Dhingra. The film stars and also the producer Kapil Sharma, along with Ishita Dutta and Monica Gill in the lead roles. The film was shot in Punjab and Rajasthan. The Official Trailer of the film was released by Kapil Sharma on 12 October 2017 and by the cast of the film on 24 October 2017. It was scheduled will be released on 24 November 2017.


The Kapil Sharma starter Firangi movie its means Foreigner. Firangi is set when the British colonial rule in India. Where he  is of the opinion that the British Raj is of no harm. He goes about his daily life, unaware of the shackles that the British rule has imposed on him. Firangi movie is one of those which deal with the harsh reality of being alien and judgmental in a crowd of many for not knowing or making use of the English Language which makes it a must watch in order to wash off such a mentality prevailing on a wider scale.


It is a historical period drama which is start in the 1920’s in places of Rajasthan as well as Punjab. He finds himself introspecting only when he falls in love with Ishita Dutta's character. But Ishita's father objects to their marriage because the perception that Kapil's character is a British empathiser. The movie the macro level seeps into Sharma's personal life and he is left torn between his love and loyalty.

Let’s Introduce With Firangi Leading Partner And Movie Trailer:

1. Director: Rajiev Dhingra
2. Writer: Rajiev Dhingra
3. Actors: Kapil Sharma, Ishita Dutta, Monica Gill, Inaamulhaq
4. Genre: Drama
5. Run Time: N/A
6. Release Date:24 November 2017



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