Julie 2 | Movie Trailer Review 2017

Julie 2 has a fantastic movie trailer. It is an upcoming 2017 Hindi thriller film. It was written, co-produced and directed by Deepak Shivdasani and produced by Vijay Nair. It features Raai Laxmi in the lead role which marks her debut in Hindi cinema. This is the sequel to Shivdasani's earlier film Julie (2004). Viju Shah composes the film's soundtrack and score and Sameer Reddy directed the cinematography. Its Principal photography screned in September 2015 and the filming locations include Mumbai, Hyderabad and Dubai. The film's first look poster was released on 14 February. The film is scheduled for a worldwide release on 6 October 2017.


Though it's a movie on an adult subject-the absorption of strugglers and newcomers in Bollywood. The film has no nudity, no skin show, and no double-meaning dialogues. Like I said it is a family film for adults and the CBFC has done the right thing.


In the trailer we saw actor has managed to tease the viewers in her sultry avatar. Well, the trailer has the lead actress Raai Laxmi in a seductress avatar. A simple girl rises to be a big star, but the story of her success is not without its dark side. This movie debut the south indian actress, Raai is seen raising the temperature in her vaporous outlook. The trailer of the film commitment to expose the dark hidden of Bollywood, underworld and politics.

Let’s Introduce With Julie 2 Leading Partner And Movie Trailer:

1. Director: Deepak Shivdasani
2. Writer: Deepak Shivdasani, Faheem Chaudhry
3. Actors: Raai Laxmi, Pankaj Tripathy, Ravi Kishan, Aditya Srivastava, Rati Agnihotri
4. Genre: Drama, Thriller
5. Run Time: N/A
6. Release Date: October 6, 2017



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