Beauty editing is not just for models and celebrities

Photo editing was not always digital. It was practiced at the time of the silver. But still, thank you Photoshop! Digital retouching frees us from many technical and creative limitations.

We offer beauty retouching, removes wrinkles, pimples and moles as well as scars on the face and all over the body.

Our offers an individual touch-up to your wishes. We can lengthen the lashes, slim down the body, enlarge or decrease the bust, make the lips fuller and all you can imagine.

They are different from the beauty touch and the cosmetic retouching which, for their part, must be less perceptible.

The beauty retouching is often used in advertising and in the photography mode and glamour. In most cases, the face and the whole body are adapted to the latest beauty ideal. Almost all the portraits found in the advertisements have been retouched to sell products intended to achieve this retouched beauty ideal. Beauty retouching is much more than a simple retouch. But it is not a modern invention, but painters have always retouched their models when they painted them.

How to analyze Image?

To situate the different approaches of the beauty retouching according to the cultures (Europe, Asia, ...), according to the fields (press, pub), and the fashion linked to the epochs.
Analysis of the light and volumes of a visual.

Determination of the different steps of image processing (image cleaning, volumes, and materials to be corrected, chrome).

Beauty Retouching for Girls and Women

The face beauty treatment for women can change certain aspects of the face: it can tan the skin, change the proportions of the face or slim the face. The proportions between the eyelid and the fold of the eyelid can be changed too, a small distance between the two is often more advantageous. Dark, narrow eyebrows, long eyelashes, and dark circles that are not visible are goals of beauty retouching, as well as high cheekbones, full lips, narrow nose and not too many wrinkles. We offer a professional beauty retouching for girls and women.

Beauty Retouching for Men

The beauty retouching for men is different from beauty retouching for women. High cheekbones, barely visible temples, a pronounced chin and narrow neck, and symmetrical and full lips are ideal. Wrinkles between the nose and the lips are unattractive and can be reduced by professional beauty.

The beauty of the body

As for the face, the beauty touch can adjust the proportions of the body. Tattoos or love handles that you want to hide can be retouched.

Always create an illusion, that's how we approach each project. All means are good for creating an image. Since we often leave a white screen, we must have several laps in his bag, a brown imagination, a variety of tools and a lot of resourcefulness. Photoshop is magical, but if you combine traditional photo editing with illustrative retouching, then magic really does its work.

The beauty retouch service removes and reduces dark circles and moles and scars. It can also smooth the skin and reduce wrinkles. It is also possible to change the proportions of the face and change the color of teeth, eyes, and hair. 



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