Which bikini fits which figure? Fashion Guide

You think, to get a bikini figure, would you have to squeeze the chocolate and sweat endlessly in the gym? We'll say it! For a bikini figure, it needs exactly two things: 1. a figure and 2. a bikini. 

Because of no matter whether young or curvy - there is for every woman the one bikini, which sets its merits in the scene and small problem zones conceal.

The perfect bikini for small breasts

The most important thing first: A small top is no reason to be ashamed - on the contrary. Because a small taut bosom is being made to wear a bikini.

The toll is, for example, delicate triangle models, which underline the graceful figure. But also bandeau bikinis look great.

Do you want to cheat your little top? 

Then go to bikinis with embellishments on the top like flounces, fringes or gatherings. The upholstery of the cleavage optically. Also colorful, bright colors and large striking patterns make the breasts look bigger.

When cheating, of course, a push-up bikini helps. The models with integrated or removable pads can loosely conjure a cup size and create a beautiful neckline at the same time. But remember: push-up bikinis must sit perfectly and must not be too big.

The perfect bikini for big breasts

The most important thing first: A big breast needs support and support. Ideal for a lush upper reach are models with form bowls, preformed cups, a broad under the bridge and wide bridge as well as wide straps.

The more sporty variant are bikinis in bustier form. If you want to make your bosom not only the best possible shape but also optically smaller magic, try it best with special Minimizer variants. Even dark colors and small patterns cheer the buses optically smaller.

Beware, these bikinis are not so beneficial! 

Fingers away from the delicate triangle and bandeau bikinis without straps. They do not give the heavy chest sufficient support. The result: when you bounce into the water, it can happen that the fabric slips and the bosom flashes. And: Better than bikinis for binding are tops with closures.

The perfect bikini for wide hips and a big butt

Do you want to cover your wide hips in a bikini? Then: The more inconspicuous the bikini panties the better! Unicoloured models, dark colors or subtle prints are always a good choice.

And: Choose a bikini pant with a slightly higher leg cut and sufficiently wide side cuffs. He stretches his legs and looks flatter than panties.

On top of that, you can have it crashed. A bikini top in eye-catching colors, patterns or with embellishments directs the look away from the wide hips. A small miracle weapon is also a Pareo. However, the cloth should not be placed around the waist but should be loosely tied around the waist. This makes the figure appear even slimmer and emphasizes the hourglass figure.

Caution, these bikinis make your hips look wider.

The perfect bikini for a small tummy

Even a tummy is no reason for a bikini to forgo because there are many models, the belly conceal. Super are bikinis in retro style with high-fitting waistline briefs. There are now even bikinis with shape function. They care for a sexy silhouette and cheat small rolls away.

If you are not a bikini yet, can also wear a tankini. The second one consists of bikini panties and a top that covers the belly. Tankinis have the advantage that the upper part can be rolled up when you want to sunbathe.

And, of course, bathing suits are also a great choice. The good news is, the current models are not a bit more petty and old-fashioned, but super trendy and sensual!

These bikinis are not so beneficial

Scarlet bikini panties with deep seat emphasize the problem zone and are not a good choice for anyone who wants to conceal their tummy.

Matching to the romance trend in fashion, the bikinis in 2017 also show off their romantic side with flounces, crochet details or girlish flower prints.

Also very popular: Bikinis and Einteiler with ethnic-patterns and fringes. This swimwear looks particularly great under light summer dresses and fits perfectly to the trendy Boho style. Do you like it less sweet and girlish? Then you should buy a bikini in the 80s style. We show you all bikini trends in the gallery!



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