What to wear as a brides mother? Described 5 styling rules

So the mother of the bride beside her daughter makes a great figure.

The bride's mother is one of the most important people at the wedding. It is the quiet pole, holds hands and smoothes the waves when something goes wrong. And of course, she will be on many wedding photos. 

No wonder that not only the moms but also the brides themselves, think about the perfect bride's mother' outfit. Elegantly it should be and fest lich, but please not old-fashioned. And to color code and motto of the wedding, it must of course also fit. 

With so many requirements you can be as a bride's mother quickly overwhelmed times. Lest that happens, here are five styling rules that will help you in finding the perfect outfit.

1. Talk to each other

As a bride, you probably know quite a bit about the wedding. The more important it is, however, even to speak openly about their own ideas in terms of styling. For what the mother pleases, the bride may find terrible and vice versa. Be willing to compromise and resolve on a look that you are satisfied with the both of them so that there are the wedding photos no long faces.

Clarified with your daughter if a serious outfit, such as an elegant costume fits better with a matching hat or a dress Degeneres to frame the wedding.

2. Go shopping together

As the mother of the bride, you will be part of the wedding dress. One is happy after all for his child, is proud and stands with advice and act as a side. Do it for your mama! 

Many bride mothers are unsure what to wear to the daughter's wedding. So it is all the more important that you are there and give them advice. And do not wait too long for the search. Two to three months before the wedding, the bride 's outfit should also be available. 

A sure choice is classic dresses, elegant wrap dresses or fitted dresses with flared skirt. Instead of black, you should put on friendly colors like pastel tones. Also, feminine patterns like floral prints fit wonderfully.

3. Stick to the color code

Nobody wants to stick out on the wedding photos unsightly. Not at all the bride's mother. When choosing your outfit, you should always keep the color code of the wedding in the back. If no colors are given, you are on the safe side with friendly, delicate colors such as rose, light blue, pastel yellow or mint. Dark blue or Silbergrau also fit well with the role of the bride mother. 

For bright colors such as fuchsia, turquoise or red: First, speak with the bride.

4. Look for an advantageous cut

Not every dress stands for every woman. When you try the dresses, always pay attention to whether the cut flatters you. Whatever happens: tailored dresses with a slight v-neck and flared skirt. The make the waist look slender and repel belly and hip. 

5. Consider the location

A long, glamorous evening dress is just as inappropriate for a summer wedding on the meadow as an airy dress on the solid celebration in the castle. Decisive, which outfit fits the bride mothers best, so is always the location in which the wedding takes place. 

Remember, the shoulders should be covered during an ecclesiastical ceremony. Instead of a brave blazer puts better on a delicate stole or a romantic top bolero. Even a cashmere jacket is great. So you look young and fashionable.



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