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As is known, to promote restful sleep, it is better to eat light at night. 

And to lose weight while sleeping, it is better to dine early. The ideal? Between 7 pm and 9 pm. Allow at least two hours between dinner time and bedtime.

Dine lightly, banishing sources of fat and carbohydrates. Prefer a unique hot dish consisting of vegetables and a serving of 150 g of lean meat or fish.

By adopting this simple eating habit, the body will not be tempted to store and will even be more inclined to tap into its reserves while you sleep.

Yes, even at rest, the body consumes the energy that is essential to feed our body. We estimate an energy expenditure of 60 calories per hour of sleep!

How to lose weight by sleeping with the right cosmetics? 

To hunt fat during your sleep, do not hesitate to resort to the benefits of science. There are cosmetics, to apply in cream, serum or gel. These cosmetics, by acting on the targeted areas, participate in the destocking of the fat and the thinning of your silhouette.

No, you're not dreaming, but you can sleep quietly. However, if you remain skeptical about their benefits, you lose nothing by trying them because they also help improve the grain of the skin.

Slimming by sleeping better and more

The lack of sleep is one of the causes of weight gain. A state of persistent fatigue increases the risk of consuming rich and sweeter foods. Indeed, we will tend to compensate for the lack of energy by intake of fast sugars.

Because the cause of weight gain also results from the absence of sensation of satiety. Satiety is regulated by a hormone, lepton. In the case of lack of sleep, the secretion of lepton is less. As a result, you are hungry.

This is why the lack of sleep can cause a disturbance of eating behavior, responsible for weight gain. Sleeping an average of 8 hours per night contributes to maintain a stable weight or even lose weight provided to adopt good eating habits.

How to lose weight by sleeping with the cold? 

If you are more of the chilly marmot type, this trick to lose weight while sleeping will surely cool you. At the risk of surprising you, sleeping warm is not recommended. Moreover, the high heat of the summer periods is often not conducive to a good night's sleep.

Moreover, to maintain an optimal temperature, the body draws its heat by burning fat. It is therefore to your advantage to lower the heating!

To boost your metabolism during the night, avoid sleeping in an overheated room. Do not hesitate to maintain a heating at a temperature of 16 and 19 degrees. Wrapped in your duvet, this air temperature is enough.



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