Latest and best ideas for an organized laundry

The laundry is not room to be neglected! A good organization allows a saving of space. 

Well organization speed up daily work specially but also to be more effective on a daily basis. Discover 6 simple tricks to make at home.

At first, If you are about to arrange A laundry area, make sure to include all that you really need to simplify the chore of the laundry. I have listed for you thirteen indispensable.

1 # Washing machine and dryer

A couple can be satisfied with a washer-dryer, but a family really needs both. Why ? Because the dryer signs the end of the most time-consuming chore, namely spreading, and that to dry the whole of a full machine at once, another device is needed.

I already hear the critics of unnecessary energy consumption stirring. Yes, the dryer consumers, but there are now with heat pump, rated A, which requires less energy than a person needs to manually extend a full machine, Ensures!

 Note: There are two types of the dryer:

- the condensing dryer can be laid without work but is more expensive. The water coming from the drying is recovered in a tank that you need to empty. It can also be connected directly to the water drain.

- the exhausting dryer requires drilling the wall to pass a ventilation duct which will send out the moist air extracted from the laundry.

The trick: place side by side washing machine and dryer to save time to take out the damp cloth and bake it in the dryer, or as above, place them one on top of the other, To save space on the ground.

2 # A plastic container

To put under the window of the washing machine when empty to prevent the clean linen from spreading on the ground, the plastic bin like this one is always very practical. It will also be used to put dirty laundry, or dry laundry waiting for ironing ... It is a must.

3 # Shelves above the machines

To have all your washing products available, laundry detergents, softener, stain remover, bleach, etc., arrange shelves as close as possible to the machines to have everything at hand. In height, it's better when you have toddlers.

This sliding system, copied on the equipment of the fitted kitchens, is also very interesting for storing the washing products, in particular, the bottles.

4 # Baskets for sorting linen before washing

If you regularly spoil clothes, it is because you are not familiar with the composition of your clothes or that you do not shred the laundry before washing.

Ideally, make five baskets (and teach the children to fill the correct baskets):

- colors at 30 or 40 ° (everything that is dark to avoid washing too quickly the colors and make them rub off on the light)

- white at 40 ° (lightly colored light-colored linen, mixed cotton, synthetic)

- white to 60 ° (cotton, including sheets, towels, bibs, body)

- wool

- fragile (silk, etc.)

The trick: if you sort the linen for washing according to its composition, you will save time on drying because you can put all the laundry to dry at the same time. Each garment will require about the same time to dry. For example, you can wash all jeans at the same time.

5 # A work plan

The worktop is absolutely essential to fold the laundry out of the dryer without having to carry it to the kitchen table. You can also use it as an ironing board.

The trick: to avoid depriving yourself of a work plan that renders multiple services, choose front loading machines because, with top, you will not be able to realize this arrangement.

6 # A retractable ironing board

Practical and clever, this ironing board is housed in a 40 cm wide kitchen cabinet. The bottom of the box can be used to store iron or steam power station. Count about 250 euros without caisson.



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