Discover tips to make your makeup and makeup like a pro.

Putting makeup in the fashion of a professional makeup is easy. 

Obviously, you must have the method to successfully make up your face, eyes or lips. For work, an evening or a special ceremony, each woman can make her own makeup without using a professional makeup artist. Just follow the tips in the videos in this playlist. 

Experts give advice and tips on the choice and application of foundation, eye shadow, blush or eyeliner. Discover also the good gestures to enlarge the look or make the lips more luscious. Good viewing! There are so many ways to wear makeup. These are techniques of makeup to remake oneself.

Eyelash Extension

Want to have doe eyes despite your short lashes? Are not these likely to grow soon? How then lengthen the eyelashes to sublimate the look? 

Discover in this makeup tutorial all the advice of a professional makeup artist. This video teaches you how to have nice long lashes in the blink of an eye. You have the choice between the rubber mascara and the false eyelash. These accessories will allow you to have lashes well supplied and long.

The eyeliner

To have beautiful sparkling eyes, their makeup must end on a line of eyeliner. 

This makeup product makes it possible to give personality to the look. Depending on the application of the eyeliner, you can enlarge your eyes, lengthen your eyebrows or just perfect your eye makeup. In order to properly apply it, a professional makeup artist gives you in this tutorial all his advice on the use of the eyeliner. This product sublimely dresses the eyes day and night.

The enlargement of the gaze

Do you find your eyes too small? Looking for a way to enlarge without going through the scalpel? This is quite possible thanks to a makeup game. In this makeup tutorial, a beauty blogger delivers her secret to enlarge the look.

 In order to intensify and illuminate your eye contour, you need a wide brush for a clear eye shadow, a fine brush for a dark eye shadow, a fine brush for a color gradation and finally, an extremely brush End for the light. In the blink of an eye, you'll have a captivating look.

The blush

The step of the blush should not be neglected when you make up. This product is applied as a final touch to make up to sublimate the complexion. Its application is essentially done with a beveled brush for a perfect rendering and all finesse. This brush will slip on the cheekbones by forming an 8. So you avoid a mask effect. To master the application of the blush, you have a sparkling complexion!

Makeup of blue eyes

The development of an ocean look may seem difficult. Yet, blue eyes can afford everything in makeup. All colors are perfectly suited to this color: light gray, dark gray or blue gray.In this makeup tutorial, a professional makeup artist then gives his advice to make up blue eyes. In order not to miss the makeup, the idea is to accommodate the color of the makeup to the tint of the hair.

Makeup for brown eyes

With each color of the eyes its makeup. If the blue eyes can afford everything, it is otherwise with brown eyes. 

The highlighting of the hazelnut look is quite delicate, especially in the choice of the appropriate colors. In order to avoid any mistake and not to miss your makeup, the rule is to privilege the shades of purple. On the other hand, banish the bright colors.

Natural Makeup

Makeup does not always consist in the application of several products. It is quite possible to apply makeup while having a sensation of bare skin. This very discreet makeup is even made every day to get to work. The professional makeup artist to make a natural makeup called also nude makeup. This makeup will bring freshness and radiance to your complexion

The mascara

In the final touch of the makeup of the eyes, the mascara makes it possible to extend the lashes while bending them to infinity. For this makeup product to sublimate the look, you have to know how to apply it correctly. Too much mascara may indeed weigh down the eyes due to the pack effect. Also, to help you, a professional makeup artist delivers in the best trick of mascara application.

The luscious lips

Cosmetic surgery is not always helpful in order to have luscious lips. Just a few sets of makeup to get a pretty fleshy red mouth. Like all girls in dreams, here is a video where a professional makeup artist reveals her secret to make the lips luscious. Instead of making the lips suffer from a bistoury, it is better to pamper it with a lip pencil, a lipstick and a gloss. Thanks to these beauty products, your mouth is fleshy and sublimely captivating.

The length of the lipstick

It is easier to put a lipstick than to keep it longer. This lip makeup may fade at any time. Fortunately, the solution exists to prolong the lipstick's hold. A professional makeup artist shows you the technique to hold the lipstick longer. Thanks to a touch of red pencil, lipstick, and powder, your lips will remain sublime throughout the day. 



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