5 Tips on How to Choose a Fit Sunglasses

A sunglasses is now a MUST! Not only because it enhances our outfit immediately, but because it protects our eyes from the aggressive UV rays. But which sunglasses fit me and my face shape?

The stores are full of sunglasses in quite different forms. Especially popular: round sunglasses with mirrored lenses and eye-catching Cateye sunglasses. (We show even more trendy sunglasses you in the gallery at the end of the article!) 

But not every trend sunglasses look in your own face well. While the one with the trendy Cateye glasses on the nose looks super-stylish, this form can act as a foreign body with us. For whether a pair of sunglasses fits you or not, depends first and foremost on the face shape.

The face forms are roughly differentiated between the oval face, the round face, the angular face and the heart-shaped face. We'll tell you which sunglasses best fit your face shape and which models you'd better keep your fingers off.

Oval face

An oval face shape looks really good with sun glasses because the sunglasses highlight the natural beauty. Due to the high cheekbones and the narrow chin, all proportions should be considered. One should rather wear sunglasses that emphasize the cheekbones.

If you have an oval face, there are just about every sunglasses. With round or oval models one can make his face appear softer. Angular and eye-catching sunglasses, on the other hand, accent and make the face more striking. By the way, the same effect is achieved with colors: light nuances ensure softness, darkness for more expression.

For this facial shape, we recommend the Ray-Ban RB 4184 710/51 54.

Round face

If you have a round face shape, choose a rectangular version. Rectangular shapes pull the face into the length and the face then works longer and narrower. Wear sunglasses that counteract the round face shape and do not emphasize it. Angular models form a good contrast. They stretch the face, give it more contour and make it appear optically narrower.

The colors are right with bright nuances. For dark tones, make sure that the frame is rather filigreed.
Sunglasses with round glasses are unfavorable as they emphasize the round face shape. Even thick frames make the face even more rounded.

For this facial shape, we recommend the Emporio Armani EA 4033 5231/13 56.

Trapezoidal face

With a trapezoidal face, the cheekbones are wider and the jaw becomes narrower. If you want to change something on the width of the face, it is better to take a version that is wide and bright. Glasses without frame are also suitable.

For this facial shape, we recommend the Gucci GG 4266 / S (J5G / JD).

Heart-shaped face

The heart-shaped face is elongated, has pointed cheekbones and the chin is the smallest point on the face. The forehead is broad. Sunglasses with a strong or very narrow frame are best suited for this facial shape.

If you have a heart-shaped face, choose a pair of sunglasses that balance the forehead and chin parts visually and create a harmonious overall picture. 

Particularly flattering are models with oval or round glasses. They make the pointed chin look rounder. With borderless or very filigreed frames, one also makes it impossible to emphasize the wide forehead. Also, Cateye glasses are a good choice. If, on the other hand, you want to make your face look more striking and not softer, choose an angular sunglass.

For this facial shape, we recommend the Gucci GG 3712 / S (D28 / EU).

Which sunglasses should not wear it? 

Sunglasses with eye-catching temples or very striking eyebrows- line because they emphasize the wide forehead. Also not so flattering: sunglasses in drop form or glasses with very strong color traces (at the top dark, at the bottom right). They look at the narrow chin.

Angular face: Which sunglasses fit?

In an angular face, the forehead and chin part is approximately the same width. In addition, the cheekbones are very pronounced. 

Angular facial features can be striking and masculine. With sunglasses, you can give the square face more softness and femininity. Models with round glasses, pilots' glasses or Cateye shapes are ideal - in delicate colors like the trendy Rose.

For this type of face, we recommend the Burberry 0BE 4216 3001 / 8G

What sunglasses should not wear?

In general, sunglasses that resemble their own face shape are usually not a good choice (the only exception are oval faces). For this reason, you should keep your fingers crossed by angular and wide models, if you have a square face because they emphasize the strict facial features.



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