What can dog insurance not cover?

In general, dog insurance takes care of all or part of the expenses related to the medical treatments of which your dog. 

So, before deciding to take out a dog cover, you have to know beforehand what it is not able to cover so as not to be mistaken about certain formulas and to clarify your Insurance of your pet.

The exclusions of dog insurance

The insurance company does not take into account the management of animals suffering from chronic, hereditary or congenital diseases. There are also diseases that are called defects and are not covered by dog insurance. On the other hand, the owner will himself be involved in small-scale surgical operations and presenting only a small emergency to the company covering his animal such as castration or tearing of his milk teeth.

What about diseases transmitted during breeding?

Assuming that your dog has behavioral problems, it should be noted that the care will not be covered by the insurer. Moreover, for the afflictions suffered by the dog as a result of poor living conditions in the place where the dog was raised, such as injuries resulting from organized combat, they are also not covered By the company. The same is true for the diagnosis, balance sheets and various deworming treatments of the dog (roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, and worms).

What about aesthetic care?

Regarding expenses related to the grooming and bathing of his dog, it is up to the owner alone to fulfill it because this is not offered in the guarantees of the contract. It is the same for the scaling and cleaning of teeth and also for the external deworming of our companions on all fours (fleas, lice, ticks). Again in this context, it is not the insurer's responsibility to deal with surgical care related to the aesthetics of the animal, such as ears, for example, the Stronger animal such as vitamins, minerals, special foods as well as food supplements.

It is therefore advisable to acquire the information concerning the exclusions and the clauses put forward in the contract before subscribing to a pet insurance in this case for dogs and cats.

 To help you find cheap dog insurance, make use of an online insurance comparator that will guide you to an insurance that meets your expectations whether it is the needs of your pet or in connection with your means.



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